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Sessions are back!

Thank you babies for understanding as Mommy Kat's life is ever growing! But sessions are back and please look over my new rates and check my website out to book! 

Mommy Domme

Sometimes you just need a stern but loving figure in your life to discipline, talk to and guide you. This is where Mommy comes in, let me give you the structure and nurturing you desperately need. Littles need more than cute outfits, and stuffies to feel complete. They need attention, affection and play.

Play sessions available at my normal session price in ABDL (changes are an upgraded session), MDLB/LG, Puppy Training, Littles, & Kittens.

Session Pricing

Hourly Babysitting 

Sometimes you just need time in the nursery to just play.


Regular session rates

$600 per hour

$700 per hour (messy diapers)

Overnight Stay

Come spend the night in Mommy's magical nursery. This stay is a complete experience with playtime, highchair time, a mommy date and changes included.


Quick Changes

Stop by the Mile High Nursery for a change and a snack.




$500 (messy diaper)

Afternoon with Mommy

Let's go on a Mommy date (lunch or a little activity) and come back to nursery for some playtime.

**anything public will be discreet 



Snap/Text Chats


ONLY on Snapchat.


Text & Snaps: 20 mins $100

Live Video Chat


ONLY on Snapchat.


20 mins $100

Session Booked!

You have gained a very valuable spot on Mommy Kat's schedule and you should feel lucky. Do not take this lightly as "No Show" clients end up on the "banished list" and are never booked again. Cancellations are extremely frustrating and always impossible to book last min. Please be respectful of session time and if a cancellation is necessary you are expected to tribute for the session via the divine wish lists.

After session is confirmed morning of appointment, you will receive further directions.

Rules and Expecations

1. Familiarize yourself with at least this page of my site. BE PREPARED FOR MY EXPECTATIONS

2. You should arrive (arrive in vanilla clothing) for session few min early to calm your nerves. Let me know when you have arrived.​​​

 3. Don't have to be hairless in your private areas but please be clean when coming to your session​.         

4. It's my world, my rules. You are just visiting. This is Mommy's home, not yours.

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