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Welcome to
Troop 333!


Striving for a better community through hard work, volunteering, and teamwork! Based out of Aurora, CO with Mommy Kat as our troop leader. 

What are the Little Scouts?

The idea of Little Scouts started in June 2014 when some San Francisco Littles showed an interest in a more organized age play group. It's a group set up like traditional scout troops, complete with day trips, volunteering, sashes, and earning badges. This is an all-inclusive group, with roles for Littles, Bigs, and everyone in between. Most of all, Little Scouts is about building a strong community of age players, and helping to connect us with the greater kink community. The aim of Little Scouts is to strengthen the entire community through volunteering, education, and fun!

Mommy Kat organized troop 333 over two years ago and we have our meeting on Instagram for long distance littles and here in the nursery for locals. We have organized cookie drives, trail clean ups and camping trips among so many other great learning experiences and activities so far!

How do I join?

To join little scout troop 333 all you have to do is start attending meetings.

Meeting are held on Instagram LIVE and zoom meetings for those who want to show their face. Everyone is welcome to join, bigs and littles. Online or in person.


After 5 meetings you will be presented with your own handbook and discount code for your little scout logo wear.

Uniforms are not required but encouraged for the fun!

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Scout meeting are twice per month and announced on my snapchat Nursery and Instagram.

Outings, meetings, activities, parties and camping trips are posted on fetlife for information, organization, and rsvp

Hope to see you in a meeting soon!

-Goddess Kat (Troop 333 leader)

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