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Image by Harald Müller

Where else has Mommy Kat Been?

I have been on many podcast with other Kinksters and ever VICE for what is being called the best ABDL documentary made today!



Adult Baby

ABDL stands for ‘Adult Baby Diaper Lovers,’ a niche corner of the fetish sphere filled with squirmy littles, extra large onesies, and lots and lots of diapers. In this world, nostalgia and childhood reign supreme, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all lifestyle. Some might find the adult baby aspect therapeutic, while others just find soiling diapers kind of hot. In this episode of VICE Guide to Sex, we step into the lives of two ABDL community members: Goddess Kat Marie, a professional mommy to adult babies who runs her own nursery, and Casey Strom, a self-described little and diaper lover who runs one of the biggest ABDL diaper companies in the world.

Newsie's Nook

Inside the ABDL Vice News Episode feat. Mommy Kat Marie & Caitlin

ab_caitlin and I joined Newsie Baby on his podcast talking about the VICE documentary. 


your kinky friends


Goddess Kat Part II interviewed by Nicholas Tanek

Goddess Kat is back! We talk AB/DL (Adult baby/diaper lovers), chastity, sissification, needle play, CBT (cock & ball torture), burlesque, medical play, and creating art with her breasts!

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