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Hold Your Nose (But Not Really!): The "Stinker" Skunk Collection is a Celebration of Cuteness (Without the Cologne!)


Is your little one a cuddle champion with a touch of mischievous charm? Then prepare to be skunked with love (in the best way possible!) with this adorable "Stinker" collection. This isn't your average little outfit; it's a badge of honor for little stinkers who bring sunshine and with a twist of mischief.


A little one, swaddled in the softest fabric known to man (or skunk!), transformed into the star of their own heartwarming story. This collection features a cheerful baby skunk sporting a diaper and paci.. Don't worry, the only thing getting sprayed is cuteness!


Look a little closer, and you'll discover even more to love, A touch of black and white magic in the design, celebrating the skunk's unique charm, with pops of bright colors to ensure a fun and cheerful design.


This collection  isn't just an outfit, it's a conversation starter guaranteed to melt hearts and spark laughter. Get ready for a chorus of "oohs," "aahs," and maybe a few playful "phews" as a little one waddles by, charming everyone with their undeniable cuteness. 


Don't let their adventures begin in a boring collection. Order your "Stinker" Skunk collection today and celebrate the lovable side of mischief!


  • Made from quality polyester fabric, soft, comfortable and warm.
  • Lightweight and soft for all-season use


Care Instruction: machine wash cold with similar colors, do not bleach, tumble dry low, do not iron, do not dry clean.



*** Product is printed on demand therefore can not be returned or refunded. Please make sure to measure carefully before ordering.***


Stinker Blanket

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