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Get Ready to Melt Some Hearts (Not the Ice Cream!): The Summer Sweets Collection for Babies and Cg


Is your little one ready to be the coolest cub on the block? Buckle up for a summer style adventure with the Summer Sweets Collection, a wardrobe as fun-filled as a day at the ice cream parlor! Ditch the ordinary and dive into a world of vibrant colors, playful patterns, and designs that scream summertime fun, now with matching outfits for the Cg. 


Picture this: Your tiny trendsetter sporting a popsicle-printed onesie in the sunshine, the orange bursting as bright as their infectious giggle. Maybe they're rocking a sundress adorned with a mischievous creamsicle, its playful wink mirroring their own. This collection is more than just clothes – it's a summer story waiting to unfold, one adorable outfit at a time, whilst having the opportunity to match your little one.



Here's a sneak peek at the sugary treats in store:


Orange You Glad It's Summer? Our popsicle prints, in a juicy citrus shade, will have your little one looking like a popsicle-loving superhero, ready to conquer the heat.


Swirls of Style: Move over, sometimes the most perfect Ice cream is a soft serve cone! Our ice cream cone designs, features just that with swirls of vanilla ice cream, the perfect way to celebrate summer's sweetest treats.


The Wheels on the Fashion Bus Go Round and Round: Let your little one become the captain of cool with our ice cream truck-themed outfit. This playful design captures the excitement of summer adventures, one delicious stop at a time.


Creamsicle Cuties: The classic trio of creamsicle gets a modern makeover! Our adorable creamsicle prints are the perfect blend of playful and trendy, guaranteed to turn heads wherever your little one goes.


Sunglasses, Stripes, and Smiles: Cool popsicles with shades? We've got that! This unique design combines classic stripes with a touch of summer swagger, making your baby the trendiest tot around.


But wait, there's more! We know comfort is key, so we use only the softest, most breathable fabrics to keep you and your little one cool and cozy all summer long. Plus, our easy-to-change designs make those diaper emergencies a breeze, so you can focus on making summer memories.


The Summer Sweets Collection isn't just about clothes, it's about capturing the essence of summer. It's the joy of sticky fingers after a delicious treat, the laughter echoing through a park filled with sunshine, and the pure, unadulterated love you share with your little one. 


So, don't let the summer fun melt away! Shop the Summer Sweets Collection today and dress your little one and you for a season filled with sweetness, smiles, and sugary-sweet style!

    • Fabric: 100% polyester
    • Regular fit
    • Off-shoulder, waist string, ruffle edge


    Care Instruction: machine wash cold with similar colors, do not bleach, tumble dry low, do not iron, do not dry clean.

    *** Product is printed on demand therefore can not be returned or refunded. Please make sure to  measure carefully before ordering.***

    Summer Sweets Ruffle Top Mommy Dress

    • Returns and Refunds

      Unfortunetly, due to this being a print on demand service. Once the order has been place. We are unable to make any edits or adjustments.

      Therefore, no refunds, returns or exchanges are accepted.

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